Classifying your Dimensions

Combining your earning, dreaming and sharing in a personal way

Quote of the day: ‘Stay in your lane…doing the best at THIS moment puts you in the best place for the NEXT moment’

Hey Guys,

Thank you SO much for all the really positive responses to the last email! By way of feedback, see below an extract from an email I got from my friend who went on a run as part of her balancing act:

“…Needed that subtle kick up the butt! Definitely back on track 😀 😀
Feel great this morning, had a great run with my MD at 6:15, which means I had enough time to start studying, before work starts in a few minutes, thank you so much girl!!…”

Reading that made my day! I hope you guys did some of your balancing acts this week and felt a difference! I definitely did 🙂

This week, we are going back to the dimensions and I really wanted to explain the relationship between them a lot further. My main aim is to convey that although we all operate in three dimensions, there is no need or requirement to look at them independently. Some people find their entire expression of the three in one single thing. Think of someone like Oprah. Some do so in two, or some have all three completely separate. The points is not to think of this concept and try to find things to fill them, the point, like discussed last week is to think about your life and see how you already operate in them, and use the tools and ideas provided here to make sure you are maximising your happiness by being successful by your own standards.

Those of you who know me well know I have a sister and recently I found myself falling into a dangerous trap I think a lot of us fall into: COMPARISON. You see, she is an amazing Pastry Chef and she has decided to make that her career by going to culinary school and building the Eden Bakery Empire. That is her dream, and it will also be her earner. I thought to myself: ‘how lucky she is to have figured out her dream and how boring I am.’

I think this is a common trap for all of us. We see someone who has found a neat intersection between their dreams and their finances and we think that path is for all of us. Friends, it definitely is not. We all have different paths in life, the task at hand, is finding our lanes and as the quote for today says, staying there.

My sister’s 3-D Venn diagram looks something like this:

It all fits in quite nicely together. Her dream and her career intersect! Amazing. Some of you are like that too… your dream can naturally be your earner, some others your dream will evolve over-time to be your earner. I love Malcolm Gladwell’s bookOutliers where he explains that you become a pro at what you spend 10,000 hours doing! Well for some people their 10,000 hours can become profitable, like my sister, for some of us, it’s a process of finding the 10,000 hours ourselves whilst working at the same time to live, before our dreams become our earners and for some of us, our dreams don’t have to be our earners at all!

The point here is to encourage you see the achievement of a 3-D you as a personal journey! No two lanes are the same, and this diversity of our experiences  is actually one of the greatest gifts of our human experience. There will always be someone who has gone before you and others who will go after on a similar path.

For me, a great role model is Sheryl Sandberg and I would say our 3-D Venn’s are quite similar. She has her day job at Facebook, Runs ‘Lean in’ which was a dream of hers where she is  able to encourage women to connect and share their experiences. Although she makes money from her book sales, she probably didn’t think it would be that way at the beginning!

The point of being a 3D person is to earn, dream and share. Theres no formula for how much of each you need to do!

PS: Later on, I will spotlight what I call ‘titans’ in each dimension to give more colour to how people who are successful in different sectors and known for what they do still live balanced by exploring their other dimensions. This will hopefully show you that your Venn diagram whether it has one circle, two or three can still give you a brilliant success story, especially because it will be YOURS.

……………………………….AS USUAL…………………………………

Challenge of the week: As I said above, I consider Sheryl Sandberg to be a mentor because she lives out her dimensions how I hope to live mine. I also have other personal mentors who I have chosen for this reason. Do you? My challenge to you this week is to find someone who lives out his or her dimensions similarly to you as a source of inspiration! Send me details of who some of these people are to you and why, and as usual I will share my top 3 faves.

Fixation of the week: So this week I went back to my spinning class: 1rebel after a while and I’m OBSESSED! I think physical activity is so very important.  According to the Harvard Business review, over 50% of top female execs play sport /work out! Knowing this I’ve resolved to work out/ do a form of physical activity twice a week. You’ve got to emulate the good things!  Try fun things like Salsa, or boxing!

Oh before i forget! Top three favourite responses I received to the email last week on finding your balancing act:
1) ‘Poetry – where I can find the words, I find poetry to be a coping mechanism and in many ways a reminder that I am talented and I have a gift(s) that’s worthy of being shared.’ -Alexa 

2)’I realised that cleaning makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something at home, and I carry that feeling with me throughout the day. When my I wake up and my surroundings are messy, I am almost automatically demotivated and I genuinely feel like my whole life is disorganised and my day usually feels off.’- Ify

3) ‘My balancer is hot yoga, preferably in the morning. I’m a daydreamer and I stress about a lot of different issues at one time. I find that yoga allows me to focus on the present and mainly just my breathing and going through the motion. I guess the focus I pay on trying to do the poses as best as I can, is my little hour escape from the stress of life.’- Tobi 

Till next weeks guys! Really encourage you to think about your earning, dreaming and sharing relationship and draw your Venn diagram! Afterwards look for people who live theirs out similarly to you and get inspired! Your lane is YOUR lane and you can only win the race by staying in it. I know you can do it 🙂

All my love,



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