The What and Why of Slashing Your Life


…With the programming, even though i have collaborators and clients, in the end theres a sense that’s just mine. Theres something really nice about just solving a problem in my head that doesn’t depend on if the paint colour works, everyone remembers their lines and the audience like it. Basically if i weren’t doing both things, i’s get bored and antsy..- (Dan Milstein computer programmer/theatre director) -Excerpt from Marci Alboher -‘One Person/Multiple Career: How the Slash Effect can work for you.’

Hey guys!

In the last post I introduced the concept of ‘The Slash Effect’ based on the incredible book: ‘One Person/Multiple Career: How the Slash Effect can work for you’ by Marci Alboher.

As a reminder, What is the Slash effect?

The slash effect, is when you can fully embrace all the different aspects of what you spend your time doing as intentional and purposeful parts of it!

So, this week, wanted to dive deeper into some questions that you might have about this concept. Simply the Why? What? When? And How? Today we will tackle the first two questions: Why and What.

The WHY…

Embrace the slash so that you can maximise all of the aspects of yourself that will make you a fulfilled person. That’s the generic answer, but more specifically, slashing your life is actually a deeply strategic move, providing a challenge!

Three core reasons to SLASH:

  • Having a slash in your back pocket can be a wonderful luxury if your primary vocation turns out to be anything less that what you hoped for.
  • Taking on a hobby as a full time career puts a lot of pressure on it to succeed. Instead, if you take it on as a slash, the pressure to succeed is off! You already have a career so there is a lot less to lose.
  • Taking on slashes is a personal challenge that shows you just what you are made of!

The first two reasons are from Alboher’s book, such truths! For most of us, it will take time to create a living out of our passions, and for others your passions might not actually earn a living. Slashing your life and being absolutely pleased with the balance you create is a great way to live out your three dimensions. (Earning, Dreaming and Sharing). Always have these pillars in mind- they are the foundation which all concepts are built upon.


Like many things in life the answer here is: WHATEVER. The Slash life is not exclusive to certain type of passions or jobs; it is completely inclusive as long as it is an investment in something that is in line with who you are!

The ‘What’ in this case depends on two key things: creativity and discipline.

I will use myself as an example here. I guess for me, the question on what to slash took a long time to figure out. In most cases, your slash is literally right under your nose but you just don’t see it that way. I’m blessed to interact with lots of people frequently and I am almost always taking about living a full life. The more people I interacted with, the more the feedback was the same. Apparently people felt inspired by being around me! With the help of a good friend I put two and two together and realised that inspiring people either through speaking or writing was something I wanted to be more intentional about doing. Intentional being a key word there. Many people slash unintentionally their whole life missing out opportunities to add value in the way only they uniquely can.

Anyways that was how one of the slashes was born.

Another way you develop a slash is purely by seeing a need and deciding to be the person to fill it. This is how I gathered my friends and started an NGO. NONE and I repeat none of us have experience, but we have passion and dedication and a willingness to fail and learn along the way. (We also have a lot of help, which is crucial as well)

My work slash (my biggest slash) is the one that is most for me. The other slashes are a lot about pouring out, whereas for work it is really for me and me alone. It is for my personal development, financial stability and it provides a platform to become a refined person. I also just love getting things done, looking professional and being exposed to really smart people.

So in summary, you know I absolutely LOVE my ‘KEY THINGS’ on what to slash?

  • Choose anything, but be clear on the reason. Is it a raw talent? Meeting a need? A niche service? It needs to come from YOU.
  • Make sure there is a balance between things you spend your energy on and things you can gain energy from. Life is all about balance, even in a busy slash life.
  • Think about the whole picture, and not just the parts. If you work 16 hour days, and are thinking of slashing by running a website that requires 10 hours of reading and writing weekly, think Again. Clearly those are not compatible slashes. You will be exhausted. A slash is meant to elevate you, not cripple you with unattainable obligations.
  • CUSTOMIZE- Know your limits and create a platter of slashes that makes you full enough to be satisfied. Not overwhelmed because you’ve eaten too much, or snacking because you are hungry. You know that feeling you get when the food was just enough to fully satisfy you? That nice and easy feeling? Yep..that’s the one you need here. A slash should bring balance and fullness to your life, not stress and angst.
  • Slash something you are proud of! When I said I own all my slashes with pride in my last post I meant it. They are all fully mine and I chose them!

So, people What are your slashes? Think about this and send me an email! Would love to hear your stories!

Next week, we tackle the When and the How….

Till then!



One thought on “The What and Why of Slashing Your Life

  1. Stephanie Onwunali

    Really liked this and the whole “slash” concept. At first I freaked out because I saw the word slash and thought “No I don’t want to cut out anything I’m doing!” But I realised it’s a different slash you spoke about.

    Had a think of my slashes and realised that my non-work slashes are characterised by both an identified need and my passion which I’ve found quite key in helping me maintain a balance in juggling them all.

    I definitely think this is something worth thinking about for everyone who is serious about living a fulfilling life and also encouraging for those wondering whether they have to stay in the box society tries to put them in!

    Very good read. Till next week! x

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