And so we have it… The power of the TONGUE Trumps

‘Please never stop believing that fighting for what is right is worth it’ -Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hello guys,

I had to do an off-cycle post today because I believe a lesson I shared a few months ago has to be reiterated very strongly so that we can really position ourselves for success.

It is with an incredibly heavy heart that I gathered with my girlfriends all of last night only to realise that that glass ceiling was not coming down. Amongst the shock, despair and realisation that perhaps the world is not where i thought it was, i remembered what i had written a couple o months ago and so i will share it again..

‘Theres something about this Trump’

The point is everyone has an opinion on Donald J Trump. The question is how he has managed to be so successful? Political analysts have eluded this to the rise of social media icons in America, to his success as a business man and how people might find that inspiring, or to his brutal honesty.

Whilst I think these things might be true, I think there is a more powerful factor driving DJT’s success. It is something we all have to develop to take the steps we need to better ourselves and strive for success. Donal Trump is probably the most self-confident person I have ever seen on TV.

As I listen to his speeches, and how he regards himself, I would be confused if he were not successful! He is always positive about his chances, even when it seems impossible and he does not change his tone with the results! He believes in himself seriously and is always positively affirming his actions. This got me thinking: I need some of this confidence in my life!! I spend so much time doubting myself, feeling bad, thinking I may not succeed at things. Guys, we need to give ourselves a shot! Speak positively about your goals, and they will also start to be positive! Words have producing power! explains: ‘Your words have power in them. I know there are some that don’t agree with this, but there are spiritual laws at work that affect you whether you recognize them or not. What you believe does not change the truth. The law of gravity works whether you believe in it or not. The law of getting what you speak works – whether you believe in it or not. Even if you don’t believe it, why take chances? Take the safe route. Say the right things. If you can change your thinking and talking to be in line with your dreams, then you are on your way to achieving them.’


I really believe this- you will never achieve something you do not believe deep down you can. It also does not stop at believing it, it is also about speaking in line with it. Donald Trump has been calling himself a winner for decades, and his life has always turned out to be in line with that. I’m obviously not saying this is the only reason, what I am saying is his success demonstrates the power of speaking positively as a tool in our success toolbox!

I came across this video of Donald Trump on Oprah in 1988 and I was stunned to see that the way he thought about himself and spoke about himself was the exact same as what he does now. If there’s one thing you can say about the man it is that he is consistent! There is power in that.

One of my favourite philosophers Descartes’ most famous quote is: I think, therefore I am. This is so true, you are what you think and what you think influences what you say. What you say builds who you become. This is just one of those principles in life!

So guys, what are you SAYING about your life? The only person not surprised about Donald Trump’s success is him. He’s been consistently classifying himself as a ‘winner.’ How do you see yourself?

I wrote those words months ago, and I truly have seen that they were extremely correct. I am not deluded enough to affirm that this was the only reason why Donald Trump won the election. There are other factors: political apathy, sexism, a flawed political process etc which contribute to this hugely. But, what I cannot deny is just how one man could prove everyone, including people in his party wrong. There is power in our ability to speak positively over ourselves and also passionately defend our dreams comes in. Let’s harness the skill and use it to produce positive aspects of our dreams that build society.

On another note I think it is incredibly important to focus on the woman who lost this election. Watching Hillary Clintons concession speech, I was filled with emotion. A quote she said really resonated with me and is what I think all of us, male and female millennials, people just starting our careers and lives, and in some cases political journeys: you will have successes and setbacks but you must NEVER stop believing that fighting for what is right is worth it.

I think some of that hope, that a vote could actually be worth it, was what let Mrs. Clinton down. Not enough people believed that.

So seunawo readers, I don’t know how this whole election has made you feel, or even perhaps this year! We witnessed Brexit happen, which is now proving a mess, and have also witnessed an unprecedented triumph of a man with a dream. I would encourage you all not to lose hope in our future. Sadly as the young generation that will inherit whatever this ends up looking like we may feel unfairly treated but thats okay. With a positive attitude, diligence and hard work i believe that we can rise to the challenge so that when it is our turn, in any part of the world we will make positive changes that build a more inclusive world that works for everyone.

I’ll be licking my wounds for a while about not seeing the first female president elected today, but I can assure you, that glass ceiling will come down in our lifetime. I am positively affirming it.

Take care everyone and spread love.

It is well.

All my love,




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