Who is SeunAwo?

…My aim is to provide a platform for exploring these dimensions and to create a community of passionate people who inspire each other…

To everyone who ever dreamed that they were IMG_3413more than just a ‘one-thing’ person? WELCOME HOME.

My name is Seun, plain and simple and I am a dreamer. This website, which I am so glad you have stumbled upon is my dream come true. It is a place for me to share my thoughts on life as a 3D journey. I believe there are 3 pillars of our lives: earning, dreaming and sharing and our best selves are found at the intersection of those three things! 

A little bit about me, I work in finance as a procurement analyst.I love to read ANYTHING. I can write a post on just about any topic, Kesha included and I’m very very passionate about people living a WHOLE life. I live in London physically but my heart is also somewhere in Paris and another piece tucked away in Lagos.

Oh and here is my 3-D Venn Diagram:


I hope you begin to use this Lenz to view your life and find the gaps, fill them and carry on on your journey to becoming your best self.

Im also pretty crazy about audience participation so I will actually expect to hear back from you! Email me on anything related to the content I provide here!

All my raw love,


2 thoughts on “Who is SeunAwo?

  1. Eno


    I came across your Shonda Rhimes post on Instagram and from there it was a hop skip jump before I ended up on this website, reading about discipline. I loved that post so much I started going back to other posts, subscribed, and follow you on Instagram now. I really like your writing style, but more than that, I like what you have to say, how you encourage and challenge, and yes, also inspire….and that’s how I felt after reading just a few posts. Your Venn diagram made me chuckle and think to myself… Well…she’s detemrined, I’m visual…let’s see where things go. So…this was a really long roundabout way of saying…I like your site…and am looking forward to reading more!


    1. seunawo

      Thank you so much Eno for your reply! Glad you found it helpful and useful! These kinds of comments make my day! Please subscribe so you can get the emails! All the best! Xxx

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